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Beginners Class

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Mid January 2017


Each student must join the United States Fencing Association. The $10.00 fee is to be paid online by the student PRIOR to the first day of class. Please keep your USFA member number handy as you will need it!  Please click the US Fencing button to become a member of the USFA. Please print out a copy of your USFA membership card and bring it to the first class.


Enroll in the Beginners Class by clicking the “Sign up Now” link.  PLEASE include your full name and your new USFA member number. That’s it! You are now enrolled!


Show up to the first class! Remember to bring a copy of your USFA membership card and a check made out to "CAFC" in the amount of $75.00. The fee for the class is used to provide gear for our club!



Fencing at ALL levels is about footwork. The fencer with the best footwork wins. Let me be VERY clear...In the beginners class you will not start using a weapon until you show competency with your footwork.

This is not a class to teach you how to become a “Swashbuckler”. This is a class to teach you the basics of recreational and competitive fencing.

What to Expect:

Class Fee:            $ 75.00 for the 10 session class*

Class Time:        Tuesday Evenings PROMPTLY at 6:30pm**                                   

Our Location:

                              Pulaski Heights Baptist Church

                              2200 Kavanaugh Blvd.

                              Little Rock, AR 72205

Our Dress Code:

                               T-shirts, Sweatshirts

                               Athletic clothing (shorts, sweats, etc)

                               Athletic shoes with socks (no crocs, sandals or boots)

*   Either 2 classes per week over 5 weeks or 1 class per week over 10 weeks.

** Class size will determine if we meet once per week or twice per week.